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Welcome to the Tartu Science Park partner page

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Tartu Science Park (TSP) is a regional technology development agency established in 1992. Its main objective is the creation of favourable environment for the emergence and development of technology-and knowledge-intensive business activities and competitive clusters. The incubation services, mostly offered to high-potential projects in fields such as biotechnology, ICT and nanotechnology are accompanied by business consultations and innovation support schemes like participation in European Union technology transfer and innovation support networks and projects as for instance Enterprise Europe Network. Start-up of innovative entrepreneurship is also encouraged through its thematic business networks that promote and consolidate technological advancement and entrepreneurial initiative. TSP is closely affiliated with Tartu University, acting as a liaison between business and research community.

Tartu Science Park has been established and supervised by Tartu Region and Tartu City.

Tartu Exporting Good Practice: iPlanner - Business Planning Software Online

Creating and executing a functional business plan is the aim of incubation process in Tartu Science Park. It could be a difficult task for new entrepreneurs to write their first business plan. They need specific guidelines and structure of the plan, financial projection and time to time advice from consultant. Tartu Science Park and many other business incubators in Estonia use online planning software named iPlanner to support and manage business plans.

For the manager of a business incubator, iPlanner is a multi-user, multi-project business planning and reporting environment - a management tool, by means of which economic activities of the tenant companies are planned, evaluated and administered. It is designed for developing, managing and evaluating projects based on a business plan. Tartu Science Park uses iPlanner to increase the efficiency of business incubation process.

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Contact Information:

Name: Vaido Mikheim