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Welcome to the POLISH AMERICAN MANAGEMENT CENTRE - The University of Łódź partner page

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The University of Łódź (UL) is one of the biggest universities in Poland. It is the oldest and the most influential university in Łódź region. It cooperates both with Łódź Region governors and local companies. At the Faculty of Management, UL, operates the Business Board, which main goal is to develop customized educational programs for business and collective activities supporting entrepreneurship.

Polish-American Management Center (PAM Center) at the University of Łódź has more than 10 years of the professional experience in the field of distance learning courses for start ups companies and self employed people. More than 400 entrepreneurs were trained in various non-degree on-line management development programs. This methodology is successfully applied on the regional level of Łódźkie and it contributing to the objectives of the Regional Operational Program.

University of Łódź Exporting Good Practice: Distance learning - The Global Mini MBA ® management development program

The Global Mini MBA ® program was designed and delivered for the first time in 2000 being at that time one of the pioneer e-learning projects in Poland. Its development was one of the objectives of the Polish - American Management Center at the University of Łódź, which efforts aimed towards introducing to Polish market modern forms of managerial education based on American standards brought to the Faculty of Management/University of Łódź by its American partner - R.H.Smith School of Business, University of Maryland.

From the very beginning, modern information technologies formed an integral component of all programs delivered by the PAM Center: Executive MBA Studies as well as non-degree short courses for companies. American faculty successfully joined traditional teaching with videoconferences and Internet communication on the Blackboard distance learning platform. Such blended learning formula proved to be an effective support for the intensive course of classes during the whole period of studies.

The Global Mini MBA ® program is an Internet-based version of the Mini MBA ® course. Basing on the content of the traditionally delivered program, Polish faculty in close cooperation with their American counterparts experienced in e-learning, prepared an Internet version of the Mini MBA ® .

The curriculum consists of 8 subject modules: Organizational behavior, Financial accounting, Managerial accounting, Finance and capital markets, Strategic management, Marketing, Labor and commercial law and Economic strategic game. Each module’s program is based on theory as well as the set of activities and assignments serving an active exploration of the problems within particular area. The theoretical bases for learning are the course materials prepared by the lecturers and dedicated exclusively for the program, made available for the students in the Internet platform, as well as books/manuals provided to students during the orientation session.

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Contact Information:

Name: Angelika Chyla

email: angeliqa@uni.lodz.pl