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LTC was established in 1987 with the aim to support business and industry in our region. An important role is to stimulate the cooperation between industry, universities and the public sector. We are the engine of the regional innovation system and a node for internationalization. LTC is a regional development company owned by individual undertakings, business organizations, the public sector and universities and is therefore a natural Triple Helix actor.

LTC's role in the regional development process is to facilitate the development of the business community and market-driven clusters. Research and innovation are our strongest core areas. Among our priorities is the promotion of cooperation between companies within our region and other European regions. LTC has a strong network of qualified resources from organizations and institutes and fosters the cooperation between the business community, institutes of research and technology and the Science Park system.

We support enterprises’ development process and supply competencies in new networks. Furthermore we take part as partners in several ongoing European development projects. Through this we have access to many interesting networks which can contribute to the process of internationalization.

LTC Exporting Good Practice: The Science Park System in the County of Jonkopings (SPS)

In the region of Jonkoping, there is a unique initiative when it comes to innovation systems. The region, often called the cradle of entrepreneurship, has created a network called “Science park-systemet i Jonkopings lan” and consists of several local nodes. The SPS originates from the Science Park in Jonkoping and the University of Jonkoping. However, the SPS operate independently with the long-term objective of developing new “knowledge-based” companies in the region, with a strong emphasis on the rural areas and smaller towns in the different municipalities of the County.

To date, the SPS concept and methodology is unique in Sweden. The SPS include the County and its 13 municipalities where the nodes are located. The separate nodes are linked together and co-operate to develop the growth companies of tomorrow. Every node provides an “incubation process” that is built around local premises, locally placed business developers which is also connected to the University.

The business developers guarantee access to competence, network and capital in the innovation- and business developing process. In every node (city) there is room for 3-20 companies. The goal is to create new knowledge intensive businesses and companies. While the support provided for could potentially target any business areas the current focus lies within the ICT and telecom sectors. The university is actively working in the same geographical locations as the SPS and focus on four different areas: technology, economy, healthcare and communication & education.

The SPS is trying to stimulate and contribute to more creative and qualitative processes running back-and forth between the industry and service sectors on the one hand, and the academic sector on the other. The main aim is to support innovative start-up initiative in the most efficient way possible and doing so in a well functioning “lab-incubator” environment

The main feature of the GP SPS is it strategic objective of increasing the population of knowledge intensive companies in the County. The approach amongst others used is to develop geographically well distributed and located meeting points in the County

Today there are some 120 companies in the main Science Park Jonkoping. In addition there are some 45 companies outside the main City of Jonkoping placed in different nodes but within the Science Park-system receiving this extensive support.

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