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ASTER is the Consortium among the Emilia-Romagna Regional Government, the five Universities, the National Research Centres located in the region - ENEA and CNR - and the Entrepreneurial Associations of the region.

It aims at supporting the economic growth of the regional productive system through the promotion of industrial research/technology development and the improvement of high quality skilled professionals and career development in technology transfer field.

ASTER mission and activities are based on the Regional research and innovation Law nr. 7/2002 (which represents the first Regional law for innovation set up in Italy) and its implementing Programme for Industrial Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer.

Since 2005, ASTER activity is dedicated to the development and coordination of the Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network, which consists of industrial research laboratories and innovation and technology transfer centres.

Based on its role, in twenty years of activity ASTER has developed a number of initiatives at national, European and international level in order to develop new opportunities of collaboration and to ensure the presence of the regional system within relevant international networks.

ASTER Exporting Good Practice: We Tech Off

We Tech Off is a programme dedicated to innovative start-ups and business projects. he support is provided through a 3 steps assistance service pack:

Offered services

  • Training modules directed to researchers, graduate and postgraduate students
  • Assistance to the self evaluation of the entrepreneurial spirit and evaluation of team competences
  • Support to the elaboration of a business plan
  • Support services in the start-up phase and in the business growth phase
  • Financial support as capital expenditure grants
  • Hardware and software facilities
  • Access to meeting rooms
  • Access to strategical contacts
  • Communication and access to business fairs
  • Access to a Virtual Community of new entrepreneurs

Day to day support through 8 information points located throughout the region to promote culture for entrepreneurship

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Contact Information:

Name: Lucie Sanchez

email: lucie.sanchez@aster.it